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Our Kareela Reserve based club has come a long way from when Keith Skeen helped create it in 1975 with Darryl Channells and M Leo.


“Everyone at the club worked hard to help build it in the early years. It was this hard workwhich helped establish the great culture we have today.”

“Doonside needed its own cricket club. People in the area didn’t feel the Blacktown City or Blacktown Workers clubs represented the suburb,” Skeen said.

“The field was a dirt track for years, and it took a long time to get the council on board to give us a hand."

Catering for all playing levels and age groups, including Milo in2CRICKET, T20 Blast, Juniors (U/10 - U/16) & Seniors, Doonside Cricket Club now have more than 100 players of varying ages and skill levels donning the Doonie whites during cricket season.


Family comes first at Doonside, with multiple generations playing together. Family groups make up more than three quarters of the players who represent us on the field. 
Doonside Cricket Club life member Skeen has played alongside his son, Michael, while his grandson, Lleyten, also plays at the club.

The club proudly celebrated our 40th birthday in 2016, at the Blacktown Workers Club.

Lifetime members

20 year players

1. Darryl Channells
2. Keith Skeen
3. George Maddock
4. Julie Maddock
5. Len Jones
6. Paul Deal
7. Don Maddock
8. Eddy Van de Poll
9. Pat Hendrick
10. Neil Laughlin
11. Rick Jones
12. Graham Boyd
13. David McLeod
14. Michael Knoll
1. Keith Skeen
2. Neil Laughlin
3. Paul Maddock
4. Ashley Bell
5. David McLeod
6. Julian Verrier
7. David Lipowicz 

8. Graham Lemon
9. Nathan Van de Poll
10. Michael Knoll
11. Mark O'Connor
12. Rick Jones
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